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Blair Thomas

Blair Thomas & Company creates innovative puppetry performances incorporating musical, literary and puppetry traditions. Their old, built-by-hand HTML site needed an upgrade to showcase the beauty and theatricality of Blair’s creations. PerformSites teamed up with designer Andrea...

Meredith Miller

Variously referred to as the “Buster Keaton of Chanteuses” and “the demented love-child of Marlene Dietrich and Lucille Ball,” American singer/performer Meredith Miller evokes a classic, old-fashioned, 1930s glamour that is both stately and timeless. Miller wanted a classy, elegant, but also...

Erica Mott

Performance artist, dancer/choreographer and puppeteer Erica Mott had an underperforming site with images that didn’t truly capture her beauty as an artist and the scope of her work. Plus her old site didn’t allow her to update her posts effectively and often enough. Erica invested in some excellent new photos and with her new site, we were able to truly highlight each of her distinct projects and collaborations while separating and showcasing her News and Events.